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Email Swipe #1

Subject lines...

Weird secret for getting girls

Formula for getting her addicted to you

Make her drool after you

Make her desperately chase you


Hey there,

I am about to say something weird...

Do you know that there is a timeless “Secret Formula” known to less than 1% of some very rare men on this planet, which can make any woman literally obsess over you regardless of your looks, age or financial condition?

Follow this link to discover it...

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I want you to take a deep breath right now and imagine something for a second…

Imagine feeling sweet tingles in your stomach when you finally witness the same super hot girl who didn’t want to be with you and even told you that she doesn’t see you as more than a friend, literally turn into an obsessive stalker who won’t leave you alone and yearns for you so badly that she can’t sit straight.

I’ll show you exactly how to make any woman desire you so intensely and deeply, that she will depend on you like a fish depends on water. She will feel an almost electrical frenzy of attraction for you, and will find herself almost enslaved by your raw magnetism. Follow this link...

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Don’t be surprised if a woman craves your love, like a newborn baby craves his mother after you discover this formula. And the best part is that, this formula is so damn simple, that you will feel almost silly for not having discovered it earlier.

Follow this link and discover it right now...

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All the best

Your Name

P.S. I don't know how long this video will remain online, so watch it while it's still online...

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Email Swipe #2

Subject lines...

Make girls crazy for you

The only way to get a girl attracted

Girls will hate you unless you do this



Have you ever wondered why women run after certain men and avoid the rest?

Why is it that women treat certain guys with almost little to no respect and feel no attraction for them? While the same woman would make a complete fool out of herself chasing after another man who isn’t even that good looking, rich or smart.

Here is the reason why...

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Why is it that some men have absolutely no trouble attracting and keeping even the hottest of women while the rest struggle?

Why is it that some men can easily get any woman to become their girlfriend while the rest can’t even convince one?

Here is the reason why...

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Why is it that some men know how to get what they truly want from a woman with little to almost no effort, while others always complain about how they spin their wheels endlessly without getting anywhere?

Now you might say…That they’re just lucky…But that’s not true.
These men understand something about women which majority of men out there have no idea about.

Do you know that every woman has a collection of attraction switches…And the moment you trigger these switches you can literally make her dance to your tunes?

Discover it here...

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Once you understand how to use these triggers…You will have her literally bend to your will. This powerful ability will cause women to be super interested in you even if you are bald, fat and financially average.

Discover it here...

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See you soon,

Your name














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